..MINERLAND.. Network 1.16 ❒ 1.16.4 Merry Christmas
General information
❓ Status Server is online
πŸ“‹ Server address
πŸ‘¨ Players online 4/500
πŸ—ΊοΈ Country
United States
πŸ—³οΈ Votes (30d) 106
⏰ Last Ping Few seconds ago
Server Description

Welcome. MINERLAND NETWORK is a Network with gamemodes such as survival, skyblock, creative, kit-pvp, tnt run, and more... We are a small community which is trying to grow. In the near future we will add more gamemodes. You can join our network from version 1.16 to 1.16.4 for JAVA PC, also you can join in a premium or normal account. Minerland Network 0% lag and crashes, and it is online 24/7, and it is constantly updated to the last MC version. Also we promise you a premium gamemodes experience with realistic plugins. Our community is very active and our Staff Team is very friendly and helpful, you will be welcome as a family member of our community, try today our server, you won't regret it. THE IP: OUR DISCORD SERVER:

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