ExpansionMC SEASON 0 [BETA]

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ExpansionMC is an enhanced vanilla survival server based around an expanding world. In many small survival servers, you never get to see other players. In ExpansionMC, however, you are confined to an area with other players. With an expanding wall, there is new land to explore every week, as well as limited resources. ExpansionMC provides unique gameplay unlike any other server. Restricted to limited resources, you must make do with what you have. Because we want to provide a fun and inclusive experience for all player, it is important to us to ensure the small area players have access to stays in a playable state. We do not allow "server" griefing. This includes things like lava casting, mass fires, destroying the terrain, ect. These are bannable offences, and we understand it can be confusing. Warnings will be issues if staff is concerned. This does not mean that abandoned claims cannot be raided, however. It is still important to keep in mind that this is NOT and anarchy server. Features: - World border: A world border is set, starting at 250x250 and expanding 100 blocks twice a week. - Seasons: Each year is a new season on ExpansionMC. Starting with Season 0 (beta) in 2020, we hope to continue with the years to come. - Enhanced Fishing: Experience advanced fishing feature with our fishing plugin. Use different baits and catch rare fish! - Enhanced Repairing: Repair your tools using money and XP. With limited resources, we want you to be able to repair your things! - McMMO: Fine tuned McMMO to offer a customized experience. - VeinMeiner: Gather resources faster with our vein mining plugin, as well as tree faller. - Player auctions: Sell and buy items easily with auction house. - Player Heads: Gather player head trophies from PvP combat. And more!