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IP: Website: Discord: About Us: WolfMoonMC is a newly released, player driven server. We are a hard mode vanilla survival server with custom built plugins to enhance the QoL of the server. From custom death-mechanics, to player made auctions. We take all of our players feedback, and suggestions, with hope to implement them into the server based on a majority player-vote. Our Features: - Land Claiming & Protection. - Rank-ups based on time played. - mcMMO; enhanced skills. - Custom-Crates; from voting, or ranking up. - Companions; Optimized player enhancements & Pets. These are a few examples of whats to offer. Our Rules: ( Be respectful to staff and other players. Be ethical. Leave a 10 chunk distance between claims unless given permission. Griefing is allowed on unclaimed land. Scamming, ie. taking/destroying from land you are trusted to, is not allowed. Harrassment of any form is not allowed (ie. racism, sexism, homophobia, ect.) Spamming and advertising is not allowed. Swearing is allowed, though swearing in excess is not permitted. Game breaking hacks, like x-ray and other mods are not allowed. As our server is going through its release stage, these rules are subject to change and will automatically be updated throughout the process. The future of WolfMoonMC: - However big, or small, we want our server to be like a family. We will be looking into expanding not only on the server, but to potentially create WolfMoonMC into a network of a variety of servers, based on our players feedback. We are indeed looking for people to help out on the server and take specific positions. We hope to see you soon! Server Location: US - We are working with our host to provide the best possible latency experience for all of our players across the map.

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