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The Golden Egg - Classic Survival NO Land-Claim i NO Teleport i NO World Reset
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  • The Golden Egg is a place where you can experience the game as it was then! Players have NO access to/teleport or/sethome commands for a truly classic survival experience. -No Land-Claim -No World Reset! -Survival PVP -No Teleport! -No Lag! The server is FREE so everyone can JOIN! IP: How To Join? 1. Download Minecraft 1.17.1 2. Copy & Paste the server address in Multiplayer > Add Server 3. Join and register your username with a password. 4. Enjoy. The PVP is enabled and there are NO pay-to-win features to provide equality. You can /vote to receive daily rewards but THAT'S IT! You're on your OWN! Server Properties -Gamemode: Survival -Difficulty Level - HARD -No commands for players. -You can /vote to receive daily rewards. -The PVP is enabled. -There are NO pay-to-win features to provide equality. -Enchased Anti-Cheat for a truly classic experience. Join TheGoldenEgg today and try to become the server KING.