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The Official Zeru Minecraft Survival Server [1.17.1]
  • Version: Java 1.17.1
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  • Last ping: 17/09/2021 19:25
  • zeru is not using whitelist anymore so you can just join with the ip: zeru.ggs.gg the discord server is: https://discord.gg/JU7sZbkAWC Zeru is a small server/Community were we are nice to each other. Griefing/Hacking and being mean to people is not allowed. We want zeru to be a small nice Community and a place for people to make/play with friends ADMIN LIST: Owner - Woole Co-Owner - Cookie Admin - Darknightswe Admin - Jopp33 PLAYERS 55 players are so far whitelisted (may 9th) The server didnt actually use whitelist from the beginning. Not using whitelist wasn't a problem in the beginning but everyone had to build houses very far away so it didn't get destroyed. People joined the server and used hacks to make the server crash. To make the server better we decided to use whitelist.

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