Minecraft-List.org Privacy Policy

Artur Motyka ([email protected]) operates the Minecraft-List.org website.

What data we store?

When you register an account: Your username, password hash and mail. Accounts without any servers are removed after 90 days of inactivity.

When you vote for a server: Your IP address and nickname. Your IP address are used to prevent abuses and will be removed after 7 days.

When you add a server: Only the data you provided to us (server address, port, description and votifier data) and data provided by server (like motd, number of players, version etc.). Inactive servers are automatically removed from database after 30 days.

3rd party services

Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy), web analytics serivces.

Google reCaptcha (Google Privacy Policy), captcha service, used to prevent abuses.

hCaptcha (hCaptcha Privacy Policy), captcha service, used to prevent abuses.

iphub.info (IPHUB Privacy Policy), web service used to detect VPN/Proxy connections. After you vote, we check your IP address and store iphub.info response in our database for 7 days.

a-ads.com (a-ads Privacy Policy), advertisements.

Disqus (Disqus Privacy Policy), comments system.

Account (data) removal

Account removal is currently available only by sending a mail to [email protected]